(This is a living document intended to provide a basic framework for us to go off of. Please take time to carefully read the various items listed and consider how you may get involved! We are open to thoughts and ideas of course. Meeting date time(s) and location(s) to be announced.)

Phase 0: Assessment...
-0A: Gage public support for toll barrier removal (Completed)
-0B: Build forum for organization of supporters (Completed)
-0C: Gather information necessary for compelling argument for removal (Sources include: news archives, public record, NYS DOT, NYS Thruway Authority, University of Buffalo Dept. of Urban Planning, and US Census) (In-Progress)

Phase 1: Collection
-1A: Compile all data gathered into an organized file (In-Progress)
-1B: Perform analysis of information
-1C: Prepare a “FOIL” Freedom of Information Act Filing to be sent to NYS Thruway Authority to fill in remaining gaps
-1D: Educate residents of WNY region on matter through social media and public forums

Phase 2: Pre Action
-2A: Hold public meeting(s) to organize supporters into task forces with specific goals:
-Task Force A (Petition Drive): Organize material for petition drive ie.: petition, pamphlets, etc
-Task Force B (Publicity): Select sites for (2) billboards, design bumper stickers, prepare press releases,
-Task Force C (Finance): Assess budgetary needs for execution of petition, publicity and delivery of
petition. Organize efforts to raise funds (ie.: Online collection donations from citizens, collect
donations in person from businesses).
-2B: Organize support of local civic and business leaders (In-Progress)

Phase 3: Action
-3A: Kick off petition drive with official release of front page containing names of notable local civic leaders (In-Progress)
-3B: Start drive for a 10,000 + signature petition
-3C: Billboards go live
-3D: Hold press conference, issue press releases to all local media outlets

Phase 4: Goal
-4A: Hold press conference announcing completion of public petition drive
-4B: Hand deliver petition to the Albany office of New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo

Phase 5: Post Action Accountability
-5A: Evaluate need for further action
-5B: Explore need for filing of lawsuit against New York State Thruway Authority