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The logic is simple, the more money we raise, the louder our voice becomes! To be clear, you will be contributing to a cause that is dedicated to transparency.  As we reach funding goals, you will see specific items come into action. Below are our baseline levels and objectives:

LEVEL 1: $1700 - Bill board for a month on the South side of the island. (Tonawanda)
LEVEL 2: $1700 ($3400 total) -  We surround the island completed with bill boards on now the North and South sides. (Niagara Falls side)

LEVEL 3: $378.08 ($3778.08 total) - We purchase 2000 custom 2" x6" bumper stickers from

LEVEL 4: $1750 ($5528.08 total) - We rent a bus to fill with supporters and media to accompany organizer Brian Michel and Grand Island Town Supervisor Nate McMurray to hand deliver our petition to Governor Andrew Cuomo's office in person. (US Coachways)

LEVEL 5: To be determined by success.

Remember, every dollar counts.

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